Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shows this week!!

Hey hey hey. We will be attending/hosting shows this week.

Female Topics is on tour.

Orlando, FL
@uncle lou's
w/Ant Parade, SHV, Then and Than, Jimmy Sanchez & his crystal ball, Moon Dust+, Still Cosby

Tampa, FL
@branch ranch pervert pit
w/Skeleton warrior, Swamp Tease, T-Func

Yeah boi!

I got that lineup from the blogspot of Jeff Zagers. Human Conduct Records is somehow also affiliated with Female Topics.

Here are some female topics from girlshealth.gov to get your mind engine running:

Myth: Only "trashy" people get my jokes.
Fact: My jokes don't discriminate.

Myth: If your partner tells my jokes, you'll see it.
Fact: There's often no sign that a person has stolen my jokes.

Myth: You can avoid my jokes by having oral or anal sex.
Fact: Where there's sex (oral, anal, vaginal, or even just sexual contact), there can be jokes.

Myth: Once you've gotten a joke, there's no chance of getting it again.
Fact: You can get some jokes more than just once.

Myth: If you get checked and you're joke free, your partner doesn't need to get checked as well.
Fact: Your partner could be a joke and not know it.

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