Tuesday, June 22, 2010

saturday june 26

Saturday June 26.
We shall trek to Miami for an event titled "Strange Days 2". And the days be strange indeed. Skeleton Warrior and Moon Dust + meditate in preparation for their most tropical expedition yet. Appearing as well in non-combative mode: Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn from West Palm Beeeyotch and Cop City Chill Pillars from Lake Worth. All the available evidence points to a lucrative and sexy exhibition.


Confused about which direction to pray towards, now that Mecca has been absorbed into the Everyman Matrix? Try shoe divination. Remove shoes; throw up in the air; pray in the direction of the toes of the shoes; rotate/invert pentagrams and hyper-slices relative to the inversion of the shoes. Sad times in a sick world can be remedied by this simple re-orientation procedure.

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